Phoenix Bandeau One-Piece

€45,00 €140,00

This cleanly cut Bandeau One-Piece from the TANIT collection has ample give. This luxurious swimsuit fits like a second skin. It's lined at the bust and comes with detachable skinny straps for added support. This is an extremely flattering and versatile piece of swimwear which can be worn on and off the beach.

Each piece has a totally unique print, as no two pieces are cut exactly the same.

Lycra. Machine Wash at 30 degrees.


Inspired by seaweed and the depths of the Atlantic ocean. This vibrant aquatic abstract print is a multitude of deep purples and midnight blue layered imagery taken from seaweed and gives a feeling of depth like our vast oceans. Azolla is a species of seaweed found in the Atlantic Ocean.

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