Silk Scarf in Cobra Print


The MONA oversized scarves are designed to be worn all year round. This pure silk scarf will look as beautiful draped around your neck in winter as it will paired with MONA swimwear on the beach. 

MONA silk scarves are truly exquisite as each piece has a unique print, as no two pieces are cut exactly the same.


size: 130cm x 130cm

100% Silk

Handmade in Ireland 


The Cobra print is inspired by the Cobra Snake found in the Amazon River. Designed in house, it was created from a combination of original photographic and hand painted artworks combined digitally to create a a large-scale  Dramatic print full of texture and depth in a vibrant mix of nudes, golds and deep blues creating a modern approach to the classic Snakeskin.

The cobra symbolizes wisdom, changes, enchantment, hypnosis, protectiveness, danger, poison, intellectual, rebirth, eternity, determination, fear, strength, sexuality, sexual urges, courage, confidence, transformation, royalty, death. They are also a symbol of speed, defensiveness, and gracefulness. Cobras are known for their speed movements. They strike at the right moment. This cobra totem animal is giving you the ability to react quickly. You need to be alert and take action in the right moment. If a cobra is your totem animal you most likely think and react fast so you don’t miss an opportunity.

Cobras are very defensive. They react to a potential threat by taking an upright position and stretching their ribs to make a hood on their heads so they would appear more threatening to a potential attacker. They strike at anything which might be considered a potential threat. The cobra spirit animal is teaching you to be defensive and defend yourself and what’s yours using all your abilities.

100% light silk, handmade in Ireland.

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