A Luxury Beachwear brand, made in Europe, fusing intricate print-work, expert craftsmanship and a uniquely dark and surreal aesthetic.

The MONA SWIMS collections have a unique sense of style and an enticingly dramatic atmosphere, creating MONA - a dark siren, born out of Irish folklore. The collections are influenced by a mysterious world – a land of icy seas, rough tides, desolate beaches and dramatic, rugged coastlines. They continues to be inspired by the intricate beauty of marine life to inform vivid, abstract prints - shining fish scales, cool damp sands, iridescent flashes - all in an ultra-wearable, almost monochromatic colour palette.

The Suijin collection is the brand’s most evolved yet. Suijin is the Shinto god of water in Japan. The term Suijin refers to the heavenly and earthly manifestations of the benevolent Shinto divinity of water. ... Suijin is sometimes conflated with Ryūjin, the dragon kami who is also associated with water. This collection introduces elegance through voluminous silk Resort-wear, which has evolved into versatile Silk kimonos and Statement Silk Kaftans, perfect for parading at the beach or integrating into arresting daywear, exhibiting MONA's signature prints.

Designed to make women feel utterly beguiling, the Swimwear is comprised of printed bikinis and one-piece swimwear, cut around an elegant 1950s hourglass shape with cut-out details, contrasting luxe velour and adorned with 24kt gold plated hard-wear, the pieces work stylishly with both slender frames and fuller figures - complimenting beautiful curves wanting to show-off. The look however is anything but retro, as bold statement prints are the hallmark of this timelessly vibrant and visually exciting collection.