Silk Art in Rūaumoko Print


R Ū A U M O K O - Silk Art Print


Turn-around time: 3 -4 weeks After payment is received


In Māori mythology, Rūaumoko  is the god of earthquakes, volcanoes and seasons. He is the youngest son of Ranginui the Sky father and Papatūānuku, the Earth mother, commonly called Rangi and Papa.

The MONA Silk Art Collection is a way to bring the outside in, connect with nature in a new way and add inspiration and creativity to your home.

Each print is available in 2 sizes.

Large size: 125cm x 100cm

Smaller size available ropes-order: 95cm x 68cm - price €350

The Art work is printed into 100% Silk and stretched over canvas on a hand made wooden frame. Limited stock available in the Large size.

The Smaller Prints are made to order and take between 2-4 weeks. Please email Carla for more information at