Schiller Print Xarracca Silk Dress



The Xarracca Dress in Schiller print is a beautiful elegant new Maxi dress from the MONA SWIMS TITAN Collection. It has a mineral inspired print, designed in-house and created from light, airy, fluid Silk,  and features skinny leather eleant straps that can be tied at the back or belted at the front.  This dress transitions beautifully from day into night. Wear it as evening wear or as luxury beachwear.

Each piece has a totally unique print, as no two pieces are cut exactly the same.

100% light Silk Satin,

Hand made in Ireland

**model is 6 ft tall and wears size: FREE-SIZE


an unusual iridescent or metallic lustre in some minerals caused by internal reflection.

Schiller definition, a bronzelike luster, sometimes with iridescence, occurring on certain minerals such as laboradorite.

The Schiller print represents the changing blues and greens and sea like qualities found in such minerals.


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