Moray Print - Venus Silk Kaftan


This elegant Silk Kaftan in Moray print from the  Uiara Collection, is a luxurious V-neck dress made from light airy silk featuring a contemporary Zebra Moray print in neutral tones designed in-house at the brands Dublin studio. Featuring a ruched elasticated waist detail and a dropped seam on bat-wing sleeves creating a feminine silhouette with a bohemian influence. This dress transitions beautifully from day into night. Perfect for balmy evening resort wear. 

100% silk Charmeuse,

handmade in Ireland




The Moray Print is inspired by the beautiful skins of the Zebra Moray Eel found in the Amazonian and Rivers of Mexico. A MONA in-house design, It was created using an original discharge technique thats hand painted onto black Silk, which works by bleaching the Silk creating organic texture and depth with an ombre’d effect. This print has a tribal and symbolic influence from time spent in Mexico .

Moray Eel Symbolism & Meaning

In the world of magic occupied by animal spirits, the eel symbolizes the ability to survive come what may. They are shape shifters, naturally mysterious and elusive and they have a no-nonsense approach to survival. In other words, they are not afraid to get to pull a trick or two from their sleeves if it means being able to escape their current predicament.

Eels are also pretty stealthy with their tactics, and are pretty good with the whole “smoke and mirrors” effect. They are the perfect embodiment of a now-you-see-me-now-you-don’t philosophy, evading the spotlight and leaving the audience wondering where they are and how they did it.

While these natural magician talents could have been used for more spectacular effects, the eel spirit animal uses it to keep a low profile. That does not mean you can’t find them, though. More often than not they can be found silently observing those around them, remaining in the murky depths until the need to show themselves arise.

Just because they are out of sight, does not mean they are idle. Eels continue to grow and develop, progressing far beyond their initial selves, even when hidden. This adds to their mystique, since they often surprise everyone at their progress when they finally show themselves. Thus, they are also the spirit animals of growth and development.